Felipe Portocarrero

President, VOLO LLC

I wanted to take a moment to personally reach out to you and thank you for being a loyal VOLO client and partner. I also want to let you know about several exciting changes that have been under way here at VOLO for some time, which when implemented in the very near future will greatly enhance the operability and capability of your VOLO system.

Many of our clients choose VOLO because we share the same vision. Our success requires a commitment to embracing new technology, and as such our clients tend to be leaders and visionaries within their respective industries.  At VOLO we too are always looking for opportunities to improve our products and services by innovating and incorporating the best new technology available. When we first introduced our existing platform (VOLO Recovery V3) we knew it would change the industry. Before VOLO no other company in our space had ever successfully built and deployed distinct tools via a fully integrated interface for BC/DR professionals.

Over the past several years new technologies have become available and proven reliable and robust enough for us to incorporate them into our next generation platform, allowing us to realize our long term vision of evolving VOLO’s platform into an “open architecture” incorporating the flexibility of modular tools.  As you may be aware, we have been working on our next gen platform for the last 18 months and are preparing to release the beta version to preselected clients for testing before rolling out the new platform for everyone. VOLO version 5 has been designed and engineered with two goals; open access, and scalability. We are branding our new proprietary platform “1Hub” as it will serve as the main point of access and interaction with VOLO’s user interface and our clients’ proprietary data.

Some of the exciting new capabilities that are available with 1Hub include SSO (single sign-on), fully customizable user experiences for desktop and mobile devices, and universal access across all devices. Our new 1Hub allows each user to set up their default configuration in a way that make sense for their use of the product. In addition, each user can setup their mobile user interface to suit their needs in the field.

We expect to complete in-house testing our our new release within the next 2 weeks, and will be releasing it to our external testers and selected client testers promptly thereafter. During this phase we expect to receive all final revisions and feedback and we will start preparing for our General release.  Towards the end of August 2017 we will begin an “early General” release which is when we invite clients that have expressed interest in being early users to move to the new software.

If everything goes as expected we will release the new platform to all clients in the Fall of 2017. Our deployment strategy is a multi-phase approach. We will be releasing the new platform 1Hub with the first application “Messenger” in Fall 2017. VOLO Messenger will replace the existing communication application. You will notice that we will be rebranding and re-naming some existing products as well as introducing new capabilities. All existing products and features will available in the new version, albeit with significant upgrades in both features and capability.

Our phased release schedule will be completed in two parts. Part 1 is to achieve parody with our current VOLO Recovery system. This means we will be releasing Messenger, Thundercall, Virtual Bulletin Board and Virtual Switchboard applications first. Part 2 will see the release of our new applications, such as VOLO’s new “Document Library” and or our new “Event Management” capability.

We would like to extend an invitation to you and any of your VOLO users to participate in our beta program.  If you think you may be interested, please click here to get enrolled – (we will take the client to landing page and ask a few questions then subscribe them)

We will be supporting the existing VOLO Recovery “V3” system through to 2019. As we get closer to launch we will share our implementation timeline with you and your team, so that you can choose your own time frame for switching over to our newest platform. For many, if not all our clients we will run the old software and new software in parallel for several months. This will allow you all the time you need to transition. VOLO will also populate your new system with all your existing data(i.e. employee records, scenarios, permissions, etc.). Our goal is to make this upgrade seamless with ZERO impact on you and your team, so that you can focus on all the new and exciting features and capabilities.

As we have always promised since the beginning, we will be honoring all of our existing pricing agreements with our clients for so long as they choose to keep their exisiting agreements in effect. This means that you will be upgraded to the new solution at no additional cost. Whatever applications you currently have under your existing agreement will be provided in your new solution as well.

We ask the you treat this information as highly confidential, it is not to be shared with anyone outside your organization.

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